A new message from Pastor Mario


As we were driving and giving away some bags of food, Letty noticed an old lady digging into some garbage bags. She then asked me to turn around and look for her, and we found her a couple of blocks away.
As I got out of the car she told me embarrassedly, “I was looking for something there in the garbage, to see if I could get some food”
I just told her, please let me give you something. She smiled like she didn’t believe what I said, so I asked her to wait, and grabbed some cooking oil, pasta, beans, oatmeal, tuna and other stuff and then handed her a case with the items.
The brightness in her eyes was amazing as she blessed us who knows how many times and said, “God bless you and give you much more so you can bless others”
All we could do was cry with her and say a prayer giving thanks for each person who has been helping us to make this possible.
Thank you so much, and God bless you so you can keep blessing others.
Pastor Mario

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