Grace In Action!

We are saved by the Grace of God, and in gratitude must “pass it along”.
However, so many cannot focus on Salvation until the poverty that distracts them is at least partially abated. And who are the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us? 

The children

Often in fatherless homes, barefoot and with little food and sustenance, their view of life will forever be jaded by the experiences of their youth.

Grace Vineyard Vallarta, in partnership with the Vina Vallarta church Pastored by Mario Santillan and his wife Letty, are invested in a Colonia-based support ministry focusing on these children and their parents.  We enable caring individuals like yourself, to make a difference in the lives of the poor of these Colonias, by your support of our Grace Vineyard Vallarta, Grace In Action! program.  

Where is Grace In Action! focusing?
The Colonias we presently serve are:

Del Villar:


and Mojoneras:

These three colonias have 135 kids in the Grace In Action! Program.

We have just added Ixtapa to our full program, which previously had only a weekly feeding program.  That adds another 40+ kids.

We are nearing completion of a large new facility in Aguacate and will be increasing our activities in that community when the building is finished.

We also urgently wish to satisfy the desire of the families of the Colonia la Parota to re-activate our outreach to that community which is on temporary suspension until we train more teachers. La Parota had 40 kids attending when we had to suspend operations there.

Are all the Colonias treated the same?
Our support is customized to the needs of each individual community, but there are minimum services that are provided uniformly to every community such as:
A weekly feeding program
Weekly Bible study classes
A new pair of shoes before the start of each school year
School supplies
Special events and field trips

What general services are provided to the communities?
Our facility at Progreso has free Medical and Dental Clinics, and our newest facility in Aguacate will also have Medical and Dental Clinics when completed.
Which children are eligible for enrollment in the program?
Our children range in age from 4 to 18. Their parents are welcome as well to all our activities.

How many children are currently served?
Two years ago 60. Last year 175. We are projecting over 200 for the upcoming year!

What is required of the children?
Regular attendance at our Bible Studies and a willingness to be taught and learn

What other Organizations are participating by supporting this program?
We are blessed to have the continuing support of:
Compassionate Impact Development Canada
Cheryl’s Shoebox

What do you require of Sponsors of the program?
Your prayers and encouragement
Sponsorship of $300 pesos a month, or $900 pesos a quarter, or $3,600 pesos a year (that’s only 10 pesos a day! equivalent to $15 US dollars a month!)

How does one enroll as a Sponsor?
All you need do is provide us with your email address and we will establish an account for you with Paypal for billing. Please specify monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. 

Can I establish more than one sponsorship?
Absolutely! Just tell us how many you would like. 

How can I follow along with the activities and prosperity of the communities served?
We will have a page on our website which will be continually updated with photographs, and the Lead Teacher for each of the Colonias will be contributing an article in each month’s Newsletter outlining the number of children served, the activities they’ve held, and the progress, growth, and blessings they’ve enjoyed in the prior month. 

Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to visit our Colonias on Outreach days to participate with us and meet the children.

To support the Grace In Action! Program just send an email to: and let us know how many “10 pesos” Subscriptions you will sponsor, and how frequently you would like to be invoiced: 300 pesos/month, 900 pesos/quarter, or 3,600 pesos/year.

Thank you for your support!