Wow, wow, wow! A new record!

It is terribly sad when a new record is set for something like this because it shows the level of desperation that is out there in the poorer communities of Puerto Vallarta. Today the bi-weekly hot lunch program of Pastor Mario & Letty served over 1,000 meals!

It is good that they could; it is sad that they needed to.

Vina Vallarta, which Pastor Mario and Letty founded in 2006, is the sister church of Grace Vineyard Vallarta.  That founding grew into the 4 different church sites (Colonias Del Villar, Progreso, Aguacate, & The Westin), and 3 additional Outreach communities (Colonias Ixtapa, Mojoneras, & Cristobol Colon) that are served today. Perhaps you’ve taken one of our tours and seen these locations for yourself and learned how they came to be, and grew.

As we have described previously, Vina Vallarta, with the support of Grace Vineyard Vallarta, serves these poor colonies with a despensas program (bags of dry goods, food, and consumables) bi-weekly, in addition to the Grace In Action! Children’s Program which many of you are sponsors of.  On alternate weeks, Vina Vallarta serves a hot lunch program out of the Progreso location (the same location that houses the free neighborhood medical and dental clinics).

One of the families of the Vina Vallarta church is the Hernandez family. David and Karina function like deacons in the Vina Vallarta church, and lead the Mojoneras Outreaches. They are always busy in church support activities, and when they aren’t doing that, (as if they aren’t busy enough!) they have a small Mexican seafood restaurant they started with their teenage kids. They opened it just before the pandemic hit. David had been a chef at the acclaimed Hacienda San Angel restaurant.
David and Karina Hernandez.jpeg

Why do I mention all this?

The Hernandez’ have devoted much time to the weekly despensas and hot lunch program. Without their help and expertise it would be much more difficult.
And today they, with the help of many more volunteers, prepared and gave out over 1,000 meals!

Blessings on them and all who helped! Including our supporters who made the purchase of the ingredients possible. (All labor is voluntary. No-one is paid)

Here’s a message from Pastor Mario regarding the day:

“Today we had another good day; we served over 1000 meals to our community.
As time goes on, the number of unemployed people grows and family’s needs with it. We are so blessed to be able to bless others.
Our cook David and his wife Karina lead the cooking team and make this possible.  Please have them in your prayers as their seafood restaurant @MariscosElReyDavid is going very slow.  They, and us, so look forward to the reopening of everything so people can come and support their family restaurant.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.”
Be blessed,
Mario and Letty Santillán

In appreciation of their service we provide the following photos and our hearty endorsement of the Hernandez’ family restaurant.

Calle Palma Datilera #132 Col. Laguna Del Valle
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48290
Highlights info row image322 352 3727

image.png image.png

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